We Talk Careers: Episode 2 – Work Life Balance

we talk careers

Is Work Life Balance even possible? Is it really Work Life Integration? In this episode of We Talk Careers, we talk to Jillian DelSignore. She lets us in – to her life and her work –  and discusses how she handles it all.  Jillian is a Managing Director and Head of ETFs and Indexing at FLX. She is a wife and mom to their baby son, Elliot.

Jillian talks about not only surviving but thriving in all areas of her life. She shares how she and her husband had to reprioritize and support each other to make it all work. It is amazing all that she gets done from a fifteen hundred square foot condo in Chicago.  Learn about her method of setting boundaries while fully showing up for everyone.

Visit www.womeninetfs.com to find additional support in the ETF industry. Go to www.kristinedelano.com for a one-page evaluation tool for your own Work Life Balance and check out Jillian’s book recommendation What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

See behind the scene photos of Jillian and her family on Instagram.

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