We Talk Careers: Episode 13 – Network Pyramid

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Coaches, Mentors, Sponsors…oh my. How do you leverage your Network Pyramid? What is the role of a coach? How do you use a mentor? And why do you need a sponsor?

In this episode of We Talk Careers, we are talking to Sue Thompson. Sue is an Executive Vice President at State Street Global Advisors and Heads SPDR America’s Distribution.

Kristine Delano welcomes Sue back to We Talk Careers to talk about your Network Pyramid and how to cultivate these important relationships in your career. “A coach talks to you. A mentor talks with you. And a sponsor talks about you.” Don’t miss out.

Sue’s previous episode on Your Brand is Episode # 5

Michelle Mikos dives deep into Mentoring in Episode #10

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Also check out Sue’s book recommendation: The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio.

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