We Talk Careers: Episode 15 – Mental Health at Work

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How to prioritize wellness while remaining productive and relevant?

Lara Crigger is the Editor-in-Chief at VettaFi (ETF Trends). She oversees content strategy and direction while helping develop new opportunities. For 15 years, first as a freelance writer and then at ETF.com, Laura has followed the trailblazers and trends shaping the ETF industry. From SEC rulings to securities law, from market structure to market movers, she is always on the lookout for misunderstood or overlooked stories worth telling.

Kristine Delano and Lara discuss how work is good for mental health, but negative working environments as well as inadequate work/life boundaries can lead to physical and mental health problems. Listen to the episode for guidance on prioritizing our mental health on the job.

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Books mentioned: The Bogle Effect by Eric Balchanus and Kamila Knows Best by Farah Heron.

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