We Talk Careers: Episode 48 – Portfolio Managers

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Show Notes: Portfolio Managers

On today’s episode, we are talking about the quintessential role of Portfolio Manager. They oversee the management and performance of a fund. What does it take to be successful and how do you get tapped for the role? Today we have Linda Klingman and Shana Sissel joining us.

Linda Klingman is a Managing Director and Head of Money Market Strategies for Schwab Asset Management. She leads the portfolio management teams for Schwab Money Funds and has overall responsibility for all aspects of the management of the funds. Linda earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University. Linda lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an avid gardener, growing many types of fruits and vegetables to share with family and friends throughout the year.  When she’s not managing money funds or in the garden, she is traveling to places far and wide or spending time in Key West, Florida.  

As CEO of Banríon Capital Management Shana Orczyk Sissel helps independent advisors navigate the complex world of alternative investing, bridging the gap between public and private alternative investment opportunities. Shana earned her nickname as “Queen of Alternatives” from her industry peers and wears the “crown” with great pride. Shana earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst before receiving her MBA from Bentley University’s McCallum School of Business. She is a proud holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. In her spare time, Shana enjoys horseback riding, traveling, and spending time at the beach, regardless of the season. 

Kristine Delano guides the conversation about the importance of making connections with clients, managing goals, and having mentors.

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