We Talk Careers: Episode 58 – Networking with Intention

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Networking with Intention

When is networking organic, and when should you prepare? What steps can you take to assure success?

Recently, Women in ETFs celebrated 10 years at our conference in NYC! While we were there, we captured the voices and opinions of our attendees. We heard from them about how they used their unique voices to network and what steps they took before the conference to assure success.  

How do you prepare for a conference? 

Featured on this episode:

– Lee Turner-Conn, Head of Americas, FTSE Russell

– Michael Morelli, CEO, etf.com

– Andrea Murray, VP, Brown Brothers Harriman

– Deborah Draeger, Senior Director, S&P Down Jones Indices

– Erin McClafferty, Executive Director, Cohen & Company

– Arlene Reyes, COO, ExchangeTradedFunds.com

– Stephanie Schils, Client & Product Solutions Advisor

Kristine Delano guides the conversation about the impact of self-promotion and mentors on your career.  

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