We Talk Careers: Episode 7- Stress

Is stress beating you down? How are successful women finding creative ways to turn down the crazy-meter and find peace in the careers and in their lives?

In this episode, we are talking to Linda Zhang. Stress is a natural neurological and biological function that can spur us into action and even save our lives. But what happens when stress stays at a critical level for too long? We burn out. Linda shares with us her unique and accessible ways of dealing with stress. Linda is the founder of Purview Investments, an ETF sub-advisory firm focused on climate and sustainable investing.

The conversation between Linda and Kristine will help us take a deep breath and recognize the importance of mindfulness and mind resets.

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See blue area below for 7 Simple Steps for Managing Stress in your Career and also check out Linda’s book recommendation The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Yu.

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