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Who do you trust?

I wrote my first novel after being tormented by characters that wouldn’t go away. Their thoughts, their voices, their struggles played through my mind. I would start a conversation with a friend and realize I was about to tell a story that was made up. These people, these characters in my head did not exist. I’d swallow and reach for a family anecdote to share. My husband finally suggested I just start writing it down. So, I wrote a novel.

In Not At All Maggie insists on being the one to ‘rescue’ their teen daughter, Charlotte. Maggie admits to herself that her husband is likely the better choice, but she has to be the one. Is it a matter of trust or something else?

Driving together to the scene of their daughter’s crime, they must determine who goes in and who stays with their younger son. Ryan, age ten, curls silently in the back seat and aches to understand all the tension and subterfuge. His parents avoid the words that would worry him. He creates a far worse story in his mind. Maggie opens her door and almost steps out of the moving car. Her desire to get to her daughter is so great. John, her husband, aches to understand a wife he feels he’s losing. Maggie is blind to it all. Will she learn to trust anyone but herself?

I read a quote that I wish I could attribute. Some say Drake said it, others Zendaya. No one seems to know but I think it’s spot on. “A relationship without trust is like a cell phone without service. All you can do is play games.” And sometimes those games are no fun at all.

What is the best way for someone build trust with you? Please share in the comments below.

In Luke 16:10, building trust takes time and can look inconsequential in the moment.

12 thoughts on “Who do you trust?”

  1. Building trust with me is about the little things. Show up, speak up, be kind. My default is trust. Hate to lose it. Thanks Kristine!
    This is Debbie. 🙂

  2. Jen here. I really relate to Maggie. I often rush in when I should trust my kids or my husband to handle it. Just today in fact. Ha. Can’t wait to read about Maggie. Think I’m going to like her.

  3. I trust very differently now that I have a relationship with Christ Jesus than I used to before. Before I didn’t trust anyone to handle things the way “I thought” they should be.
    Now I trust God 100 and ask (pray) to be last in order to see HIS view so I can see the heart of the person. Now I try to discern if a person is self seeking.
    I’m not the best at it, but it’s getting easier the more I seek God

  4. Also I look forward to getting to know Maggie more. As a mom I can relate to when something happens to my kids. From my experience sometimes we think it’s got to be us, in part, due to our own guilt.
    We connect with our kids differently as well. So if we struggle with that connection we tend to desire to be the one to save the day when that distant child needs help.
    I’m curious to see what Maggie’s drivers are for her determined to be the one for her daughter.

    • Thank you. I look forward to you getting to know her too! Right now I am working on the second book – which is all about the some-what grown-up Charlotte – Maggie’s difficult/spririted daughter.


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